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About Diamond Aviation
About Diamond Aviation

Diamond Aviation was set up in 2009 with the principal aim of providing flight training in the Mediterranean island of Malta. Then known as Diamond Flight Training, the company, soon after its incorporation, was awarded an approval to conduct courses leading to the private pilot’s licence. For this purpose it acquired a fleet of two Diamond aircraft and has since trained numerous students in the field.

With the mindset of acquiring the status of Flight Training Organisation, negotiations were swiftly underway with the Civil Aviation Directorate, a division of Transport Malta. Diamond Aviation is now comprised of Diamond Aviation Limited, which acts as the consultancy and services arm of the group and Diamond Flight School Limited, an approved Flight Training Organisation (FTO).

Diamond Aviation is authorized to conduct a number of courses which include courses leading to the Private Pilots Licence (PPL) and Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) together with Night Rating, Multi-Engine Rating (MEP) and Instrument Rating (IR).

Other peripheral courses include the Air Transport Pilot’s Licence Course (ATPL) organized in conjunction with Oxford Aviation Academy, aviation tailored English Aviation Courses in conjunction with Executive Training Institute together with a number of non-approved courses which include an ATCO familiarization course intended for air traffic controllers and a cadet course aimed at educating and preparing the younger generation in the field of aviation.

Diamond Aviation offers a holistic approach to its international students giving valuable advice not only on flight training issues, but also with regard to other logistical aspects, most notably of which affordable accommodation on the island.

Diamond Aviation’s services include aviation consultancy along with assistance with the drafting of training manuals, executive charter brokerage, aircraft handling and aerial work.