Trial Flights  Diamond DA20 C-1 Eclipse 
Trial Flights
Diamond DA20 C-1 Eclipse
Diamond DA40 TDI G1000

Diamond DA20 C-1 Eclipse
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Walking up to a DA20, you will immediately realise it is not an ordinary plane. Sporting a fighter-like canopy, responsive centre-stick controls, two very comfortable bucket seats, it is with no doubt that this plane will put a big smile on your face.

The plane achieves a sea-level rate of climb of 1,000 feet per minute, a cruising speed of 110 knots at 65% power, operates on Avgas and consumes only 20 litres per hour. With such performance it no doubt outshines competition.

So what are you waiting for? Book a trial flight with one of our qualified instructors starting from just Euro 90 and get the opportunity to fly this sporty looking but stable plane around the beautiful Maltese Islands.

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