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Diamond DA40 TDI G1000

Diamond DA40 TDI G1000
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Even the quickest glimpse at a Diamond DA40 Tdi will make you beleive what a state-of-the art plane it is. Equipped with a Jet-A1 2.0 litre Thilert engine with 135 horsepower achieving a 105 knots indicated airspeed and consumes only 5 US gallons an hour, makes this plane way ahead of the competitors in performance wise and technology. 

The plane is also equipped with a constant speed propeller operated by a Full Authority Digital Engine Control or FADEC which makes sure the engine is running efficiently at all times. Jumping inside the plane is a completely new world, spacious enough to put 4 poeple in, having the Garmin G1000 system coupled with a GFC700 autopilot make this plane comfortable to fly in and safe to tour the skies with.

If you would like to enquire more about this amazing plane or book your trial flight which start only from Euro 100 send us an email on and we will be more than happy to assist.