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Aviation English

ETI Malta is a recognised training provider for Aviation English running courses in line with provisions set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as well as a recognised Test for English in Aviation (T.E.A) exam centre.


Test for English in Aviation (TEA)
ETI is an accredited centre for providing the profile-assessed test (Test of English for Aviation - T.E.A.) for Pilots and Air Traffic controllers. This internationally recognised test applies the 6 descriptors as specified by the ICAO Manual on the Implementation of ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (Document 9835). The T.E.A. is recognised by a number of Civil Aviation Authorities across Europe and other countries worldwide including Italy,Spain,Poland,Lithuania,Latvia,Estonia, Slovakia,Belarus,Serbia,Bulgaria,Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Uruguay, Columbia, Argentina, Egypt,Cameroon, Cape Verde, Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom. 
Participants can take, against a fee, the Test of English for Aviation (T.E.A.) to verify their current ICAO level of English proficiency. This could be done either before or after a training programme.   


ICAO Level 4 - Courses for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

ETI Malta’s specialist Aviation English training is intended for ab-initio and in service air traffic controllers, ab-initio and in service holders of Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and holders of Private Pilots Licences who have completed ground school. 

Participants will ideally currently be at or around ICAO Operational Level 3, desirous to reach ICAO Operational Level 4. ETI also runs courses for lower levels as required. Ideally, trainees should complete a pre-course language test to assess their level.

The objectives of the aviation English courses are to develop professional communication skills and job-related aviation language knowledge.

Technical Aviation English Course

The Technical Aviation English course is specifically designed for personnel or apprentices working in aviation maintenance and repair including Aviation Technician apprentices, Aircraft Mechanics, Aircraft Electricians and Aircraft Maintenance Staff

Participants should have a minimum pre-intermediate level of English (A2+ on the Common European Framework).

During the course trainees will develop more effective communication with native and non-native colleagues, a better understanding of aviation manuals through familiarisation with basic grammar structures typically used in such manuals, English language skills, specifically in terms of reading, listening and writing and technical vocabulary

The course is designed to develop vocabulary around a variety of topics including basic aerodynamics, aircraft materials, human factors, principles of flight, corrosion and effects of weather and emergency procedures.



For more information you can download ETI's brouchere from here.



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