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ATCO Flight Appreciation Course

The aim of the ATCO Flight Appreciation Course is to improve flight safety by training participants, particularly Air Traffic Controllers, to appreciate the requirements, perceptions and responsibilities of the pilot in command through the introduction of as many pertinent flight training elements as possible in a compressed format. The focus of the course is on Air Traffic Controller / Pilot interaction and mutual appreciation, with a particular emphasis on human factors. The learning objectives of the course are based around demonstration of understanding rather than actual flying ability.

Pre-Entry Requirements
No mandatory pre-entry requirements are applicable.

Training Method
Classroom Lectures, briefings and flight training.

Course Content
Theoretical Knowledge Instruction
12 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction and 15 hours of pre-flight briefings touching on the following subjects :

  • Emergency Procedures
  • Course Outlines for PPL, MEP & CPL
  • Air Law regarding licensing and responsibilities of the pilot-in-command
  • Principles of Flight
  • Elementary Navigation principles & techniques
  • Human Factors and Pilot Performance
  • Airborne Emergencies

Flight Training
6 hours of flight appreciation in a single engine aircraft and 3 hours in a multi engine aircraft to include appreciation of the following aspects of flight :

  • Basic and Advanced handling experience
  • Visual traffic pattern procedures
  • Visual Navigation : Day & Night
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Flight by sole reference to instruments
  • Multi Engine Considerations
  • FR Procedures

Course Duration
Approximate course duration is 5 days.

Additional Information
This course is not an approved flight training course and will not result in the issue of a license or qualification. 

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