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Airline Transport Pilot’s License

Diamond Aviation offers the ATPL distance learning theoretical knowledge course in conjunction with Oxford Aviation Academy.
The major advantage of distance learning is that it can be completed in your own home and at your own pace with the full support of Oxford Aviation Academy’s professional instructors via telephone or email.

The course is divided into 2 separate phases. The phases are split into 18 frames, each of which will take approx 15 hours of study to complete. At the end of each frame you will be required to complete an assessment test.

It is a JAA requirement that you complete at least 10% of your training in a classroom environment. This is achieved through a 2-week Skills Revision Classes at Oxford Aviation Academy in the United Kingdom which are run on a regular basis throughout the year. You have to complete a total of 4 weeks of Skills Revision Classes through our Distance Learning course, 2 weeks for each phase.

On enrolment you will only be required to pay for the distance learning course. Payment for the Skills Revision Classes will only be due and payable when you decide to take them.

On completion of the coursework you will be authorised to attempt the examinations which you may wish to take in Malta.

Pre-Entry Requirements
To be eligible to undertake this course you must possess a minimum standard in mathematics, science and English, hold a JAA PPL or IACO Annex 1 PPL and be in possession of Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Training Method
Distance Learning Computer Based Training coupled with residential classroom revision

On booking you will receive 14 ATPL manuals, study guide, Jeppesen manual and access to the online learning management system (LMS), including supporting CBT software and question bank.

Course Content
- 530 hours of self-study and tests
- 120 hours of classroom revision
Course Duration
Minimum approximate course duration is 6 months (full time basis)

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