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CPL - Commercial Pilot License

JAA Commercial Pilot’s License -  CPL (A)

The Commercial Pilot’s License is the differentiator between private and professional flying. So if you plan to fly for gain, earning a commercial pilot’s licence is the next step forward after completion of your private pilot’s certificate. The CPL (A) course is a modular course which includes a minimum of 10 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction and a minimum of 25 hours of flight training, in addition to self-study. 

The CPL (A) theoretical knowledge training is conducted either as scheduled classroom based training or on a one-to-one basis. Depending on time constraints and personal choice, you may opt for any of the approved training methods.

Pre-Entry Requirements
To be eligible to undertake this course you must hold a valid JAA PPL or ICAO Annex 1 PPL and must have completed a minimum of 150 hours as pilot of aeroplanes. In addition, students must be in possession of ATPL or CPL theory credit.

Training Method
Classroom Lectures or one-to-one training coupled with flight training which is partly conducted in a single engine piston aircraft and partly in a multi engine piston aircraft.

Course Content
Theoretical Knowledge Instruction
- minimum 10 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction coupled with self-study

Flight Training

  •  minimum 25 hours of dual flight training, a minimum of 12 hours of which  must be conducted in a multi engine aircraft.

Course Duration
Minimum approximate course duration is 6 weeks.

Additional Information

  • Students are urged to undergo a class one medical examination prior to booking
  • It is recommended that the student has completed a night rating prior to booking
  • To be eligible for the issue of a CPL, the candidate must have logged a minimum of 200 hours as pilot of aeroplanes of which a minimum of 100 hours shall be as pilot in command and a minimum of 20 hours cross country time as pilot in command, a class 1 medical certificate, night rating and a valid commercial cross country qualifier.


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